Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Review


The Amazfit Pace is a balance between a practical smartwatch and fitness tracker that is reasonably priced considering all of its features. It has an elegant design with a comfortable silica gel strap that is great for sports and best of all the battery lasts one week long. 


My first impressions when unboxing this particular smartwatch was how elegant and stylish the watch actually looked. It has a dark ceramic bezel that gives the device an elegant look and along the side is a physical button which you have to press every time you want to activate the display – which turned out to be my biggest gripe with the smartwatch. With that being said the default silica gel strap feels very comfortable on the wrist and I had no problem wearing this watch throughout the day. Like some other smartwatches that I have tested a lot of them struggle to stay on my wrist when participating in sports but the Amazfit Pace never fell off my wrist once. The strap can be replaced with any standard 22mm strap which is convenient if you need a more ‘professional’ look one day. Overall the design is a solid 9/10. 


The Amazfit Pace is reasonably sized with a 1.34-inch screen with a 320×200 resolution which suffices. What is different about this smartwatch is that the screen stays on all the time and surprisingly enough it doesn’t seem to affect the battery life in any way. The screen may be on all the time but to activate it like mentioned previously you need to press the physical button on the side which can be annoying because even if you get a notification on the smartwatch pressing the button to activate the screen is still required.

To keep it short and sweet the display is bright enough to be viewed outside and this makes it perfect to use when going on runs or exercising so you can track your steps on the go. What most impressed me was the battery life on this, I managed to get around 7 days of use out of it on a single charge which is insane considering a full charge only takes about 2 hours.


Probably one of the biggest let downs on the Amazfit smartwatch is the software as the watch doesn’t have its own companion app for activity tracking. Most smartwatches let you view your activity directly on your phone or computer however with this you can only view it on the screen of the smartwatch itself. Which practically means every single workout, run, heart rate taken will have to be displayed on the smartwatch only.

In addition, the Amazfit Watch App links with Strava which is a better exercise app that enables you to then sync your data to additional apps just to be viewed on your phone. By doing so this makes the process discombobulating as a simple task of syncing data from a watch is much harder than it should be. With that being said the Amazfit Watch App has a nice user interface and neatly displays several different watch faces that you can use to sync to your smartwatch. It neatly displays the battery life of the watch and allows you to change a few settings on the watch but overall the application is lacking in features.


Like most other smartwatches and fitness trackers, the Amazfit Pace practically does the same thing although it does seem to work better in certain situations – like running on a treadmill. It tracks all the standard stats like steps, distance, time, calories, heart rate etc. If you go out on a run it will give you detailed information like the altitude, elevation gain/loss, speed, vertical speed and average moving speed. Then once you have finished it will summarize your run and provide you with all the necessary stats and numbers. 

It also features an IP67 rating which makes it, water, dust and sweat resistant. So if it gets exposed to water for a short period of time then it will be able to withstand it but I wouldn’t recommend using this while swimming or in the shower.

Pricing & Conclusion

If you want to purchase the Amazfit Pace it goes for $159.99 and for that price point it is quite reasonable considering the many features that it has. I would say it is worth it if you go on runs quite often as the statistics that is displayed for you are definitely helpful. 

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Hamzah Baig
Hamzah Baig is a UK-based content creator on YouTube and a technology enthusiast. While not working on any upcoming videos his time is geared towards creating content for Phandroid and pursuing his sports career. He is an ex Great Britain Gymnast and has now decided to commit to his online ventures while balancing out sport and studying Computer Science.

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