Google pulls its ‘Free App of the Week’ section from the Play Store


Late last month, Google introduced a new section within the Play Store which offered a “Free App of the Week”. Since then, we’ve seen a couple of apps featured, but it seems that Google has pulled the section from the Play Store altogether.

Kris from Android Authority initially found the disappearance as the original Play Store URL is now broken. Google didn’t make any formal announcement of this section and may have just been trying it out. So it doesn’t matter that much that it’s been pulled.

However, Kris has also contacted the Google Play Twitter account to see if there will be any type of response, but that has yet to happen. We’ll have to keep an eye on this and hope that Google brings it back sooner rather than later, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

Let us know in the comments whether you want this feature to return to the Play Store, or whether you really don’t care either way.

[Android Authority]


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