Apr 19th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 7:16 pm

Samsung makes some of the most popular Android phones in the world. Here in the US, you see Samsung phones all the time. We found that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the most popular Android phone among Phandroid readers in the US. What about everyone else?

According to Kantar, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most popular Android device in the US, as of February 2017. The Galaxy S5 has 15.6% of Samsung’s installed base. The Galaxy S7 comes in second place at 11.5% and the Galaxy S6 at 11.4%. The Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for only 5.8%, which makes Phandroid readers unique.

Some other interesting stats: Over the last year, 28% of Samsung users have upgraded to a new device. 52% of those people went for the Galaxy S7/Edge, 10% went for the Galaxy S6. 20% of Galaxy S7 owners plan on upgrading again this year. Where do you fall in all of this?

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