DEAL: Get the Honor 8 from Amazon for just $278


When the Honor 8 launched late last year, the price tag may have been a bit steep if you were unaware of the Honor brand. However, since then the price has been dropped and you can pretty much get the Honor 8 for $300 from the likes of Best Buy and other retailers.

But if you’ve been holding off, today may be the perfect time to snag one as Amazon is knocking a bit extra off. For a limited time, you can head over to Amazon via the button below and get the Honor 8 for $277.12 (weird price, right?).

If you’re unsure about what the Honor 8 is capable of, feel free to hit any of the links below to learn more. If you decide to snag one for yourself, give us a heads up in the comments below.

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Buy Honor 8 from Amazon


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