How well does the LG G6 perform in a durability torture test? [VIDEO]


The LG G6 is the first LG flagship in years to feature a nearly all-glass build (remember the LG Optimus G?). There’s only a very thin sheet of glass covering the back of the LG G6 and because of this, you may be wondering about the phone’s durability.

Since you would never want to test something like this on your own device, Zack from JerryRigEverything is back again without another one of his famous torture tests. He basically puts the LG G6 through hell, scratching and abusing the phone with a variety of tools before he gets to the real reason we’re all here: the bend test.

Surprisingly enough, the LG G6 passes with flying colors, providing no catastrophic failures or even much bending at all using with Zack using the full force of his hands. It’s a testament to how far LG has come, showing that they’re perfectly capable of manufacturing phones with solid build quality.

For more on the LG G6, don’t forget to check out our unboxing and Q&A along with battery life test after a full 24 hours with the device. Oh, and be on the lookout for our full review in the coming days.

[via YouTube]

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