Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ goes up for pre-order on May 9th


Last year, the US unlocked versions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge weren’t made available until almost 3 months after the phone landed in carrier stores. It was odd and maybe even a bit foretelling of how Samsung would end up treating the phone which — in a strange turn of events — is still waiting for an update to Android 7.0 Nougat (carriers began pushing this update to their S7s weeks ago). It’s straight up ass backwards.

It seems like that could change this year, where the US unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be available for pre-order from Best Buy on May 9th, only 3 weeks (not months) after the carrier versions launch. Although there’s still not an actual launch date for the unlocked models, it sure sounds like Samsung will be turning things around for the better this year… right?

The good news is the unlocked versions are actually a few bucks cheaper than the ones being sold through carriers, priced at $725 for the regular Samsung Galaxy S8, and $825 for the larger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Unfortunately it looks like you wont be able to take advantage of their pre-order promotion which nets you the Samsung Gear VR and motion controller for free as it’s only valid for purchases made between 3/30/2017 – 4/20/2017. That’s a bummer but still a hell of a lot better than those ridiculous prices we were seeing on Amazon earlier today.

Although you can’t actually pre-order the unlocked S8 just yet, you can be notified when pre-orders become available at Best Buy and that’s the next best thing. Hit up the links below to do just that.

via The Verge

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