If voice to text is repeating (repeating) on your Android phone, you’re not alone


It’s been a long time since Google debuted Voice Typing for Android — it was all the way back in Ice Cream Sandwich — and for some, it’s an integral part of how they communicate with others on their phone, especially while on the road or while their hands are tied.

Google’s had plenty of time to refine and tune their speech recognition and it’s today it’s a damn near flawless experience. That is until recently where an odd bug appears to be affecting a wide range of Android devices. As reported on Android Forums and Google’s own Help Forum, people have begun to notice Voice Typing repeating their sentences in the text input field.

Normally, the way Voice Typing works is Google takes your sentences and compares the words they’re fuzzy on with others that would make sense in the given context. After comparing all the possibilities, it chooses the word structure they think matches what you were trying to say. But in a strange turn of events, it appears Voice Typing is now repeating itself, often times typing out all the possible sentences it thinks you may have spoken. It’s like a snapshot into the mind of Google’s AI and it’s a little frustrating for those that rely so heavily on this service to communicate with others.

The thread on Android Forums is a long one, with all sorts of devices being affected by the strange bug. For some, the problem fixed itself on its own (after their device updated to the new Google Assistant) while others are still have no luck with the repeating sentences. while others are still have no luck with the repeating sentences.

If your device has yet to receive the Google Assistant update, you may have to wait until the roll out hits your device as their is no other real solution other than trying a different keyboard app like Swype, which use their own voice dictation software to transcribe text. It’s either that or hang tight until Google addresses this in a future update.

[Android Forums]

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