Sony doesn’t think LG’s 18:9 aspect ratio makes any sense


Check Sony off as one company not falling for the 18:9 hype. As unique as it makes the LG G6 and as good as it makes the device feel, Sony has a pretty good reason why they’re probably not going to use it any time soon.

LG G6 and its 18:9 display.

According to Sony’s Don Mesa, the company thinks there is nothing wrong with 16:9 as it stands. This is a valid statement — 16:9 has served us well for years and is still, by far, the most common aspect ratio in use. More importantly, though, Sony’s entertainment division is mostly driven by the 16:9 standard, so it’d be bad form to make a device where all your movies and games will appear letterboxed.

Could this change? Of course it could. After all, 18:9 is currently being pushed as a new standard for cinema, and if Sony’s entertainment arm is eventually compelled to adapt then we’ll probably see Sony’s mobile division do the same. But as it stands, 16:9 dominates the field, so expect their phones and TVs to match.

[via Android Authority]

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