You can now get the Secure Folders app for your Samsung Galaxy S7


Secure Folders was one of the best new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but since it’s no longer available Samsung wants to allow others to get in on the fun. You can now download the APK to your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Secure Folders lets you keep apps, documents, and whatever it is you want hidden to stay hidden, accessed only if you scan your fingerprint or use your password. This is an ideal feature for folks who want an extra level of privacy.

Sure, you can always engage the lock screen, but what about those times when your kid wants to play Angry Birds or you need to loan your phone to someone for any given reason? Lock your work apps — or, perhaps, more nefarious wares — behind the Secure Folder and have some peace of mind.

This is a feature that can be easily imitated through the use of various third-party apps, but it’s nice to have a Samsung-made solution that’ll make it all the more seamless. The app isn’t yet available through Galaxy Apps, so you’ll need to grab the APK right here. PS: You’ll probably need to be on Nougat to use it.

[via SamMobile]

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