WhatsApp gets new emojis from Android 7.1


Emoji have quickly become a necessity in modern communication. What started as simple smiley faces and arrows have ballooned into nearly 2,000 unique characters. New emoji are being added all the time and sometimes Android lags behind. iOS got the latest emoji in early December, but not many Android phones have the new ones yet. Apps like WhatsApp take it into their own hands.

The latest WhatsApp beta adds the new emoji from Unicode 9.0. Android 7.1 includes the new emojis, but if you don’t have 7.1 you can still use them with WhatsApp. Most of the new emoji are professions, skin colors, and gender-based, but there are some new unique ones. Clown face ?, selfie ?, fox face ?, avocado ?, bacon ?, and many more.

Sign up for WhatsApp beta to get the new emoji on your phone.

[via AndroidPolice]

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