Flappy Bird creator’s latest game is now in the Play Store


Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has partnered with Japanese publisher Obokaidem to bring his latest game to Android devices. The game is called Ninja Spinki Challenges!! and while it’s nothing like Flappy Bird, it’s still quite challenging itself.

The game itself appears to be a series of six mini-games that require you to avoid obstacles as the Ninja Spinki. Spinki’s movement seems to be based on how fast you can move your finger, so it becomes a battle of how dextrous you can be. Each challenge lasts 10 seconds and serves as a tutorial for that mini-game’s endless mode, which is the real meat of the game.

For those who liked trying to reach high scores in Flappy Bird and competing against your friends, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! endless mode is just that, with the goal being to see how long you can last and how many stars you can collect as the mini-game gets increasingly harder.

The app does have ads, but they’re more or less non-intrusive and it’s available for free, so why not download it and check it out?

Download Ninja Spinki Challenges!!
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