Comcast getting into mobile as an MVNO of Verizon


As if it doesn’t have its fingers in enough pies already, Comcast announced today during its earnings call that it will begin offering mobile phone service thanks to a reselling agreement with Verizon. Apparently, the company plans to include its mobile offering in the several bundles it now offers for phone service, tv, and internet.

“We plan to include wireless in our multi-product bundles in a way that is designed to add value to our customers, improve retention, and ultimately benefit lifetime customer economics for us. Our offering will give customers access to a world-class wireless network, benefiting from our Wi-Fi [hotspots], with the best mobile devices and a simple, transparent experience, all for a great value.”

Namely, Comcast’s Triple Play bundle will expand to include this new mobile service. No prices have been announced for the service, but it’s expected that bundle prices will save customers money across all four of Comcast’s major platforms. As for rollout plans, Comcast says it will be “measured” and they’ll adapt the service as necessary.

Comcast expects to begin its wireless service in the middle of this year and customers will be able to buy phones straight from Comcast in the same manner that you would other wireless carriers. Payment for these phones will be done in monthly installments added to the cost of your bill.
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