Pixel’s Google Assistant regains screenshot functionality


With the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google replaced their typical Google Now get-up with the Google Assistant. It offers the same functionality, and then some: namely a conversational voice AI assistant to help you with whatever it can.

With that, it didn’t encompass all the great things we were used to from Google Now, namely its Screen Search feature’s (otherwise known as Google Now on Tap) ability to take a screenshot with the press of a button. You can still do that with the usual hardware button presses, but the software button is usually preferred for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s less cumbersome. Some of us have mastered the awkwardness associated with it and the accidental phone actions it can produce, but others not so much.
  • The screenshot cleans up any icons in the status bar, so it’s an easy way to get a clean status bar in your screenshot without having to actually clear it out.

How the feature appears on Google Now.

Anyway, the feature seems to be making its way into Google Assistant, albeit it at a slightly neutered fashion as it won’t work on the home screen. We suggest getting onto the latest beta version of the Google app, though you still may not see it right away as it could be a server-side rollout.

[via 9to5 Google]

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