Jan 3rd, 2017

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been picking up as of late. Yesterday, we wrote about the Galaxy S8 having a Microsoft Continuum-like feature. Previous rumors have stated the S8 won’t have hardware keys, will come in a 6-inch variant, and the fingerprint scanner will be on the back. Today’s rumor is all about the  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

First, the voice assistant, which is not new information. We’ve been hearing about a new Samsung voice assistant called “Bixby.” Other than the name, we don’t know a lot about how it will work, but we know it will work with native Samsung apps. The new rumor claims Bixby will be launched on the Galaxy S8 and then later be included on the Note.

Next, the display. One of the very first rumors about the Galaxy S8 claimed it will have a 4K display. That same information has been mentioned time and time again. The new rumor about the Note 8 also confirms it will have a 4K display. At this point, we’d be shocked if it didn’t. The smaller S8 will have 4K and. Samsung is all in on VR.

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