Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a Continuum-like feature?


We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S8 lately. Samsung really needs this phone to be a success after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. So far, it sounds like Samsung is putting everything but the kitchen sink into this phone. The latest rumor suggests an old Android gimmick could be making a return.

Back in the day, Motorola made a few phones that could connect to a display and transition to a PC-like UI. It was cool in theory, but the idea never really caught on. Nowadays, Microsoft has a feature called “Continuum” that works with Windows phones and PCs. It’s a lot more powerful than those old Motorola phones. Samsung could be working on something similar for the Galaxy S8.

A Windows Phone site has obtained a photo of a slide purporting to be from an upcoming Galaxy S8 presentation. As you can clearly see, the phone is connected to a monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The monitor shows the phone’s screen and several other floating windows as well as a desktop. If this feature becomes a reality, it’s likely that it’s a Samsung creation, not a new Android feature. It could be very interesting if well executed.

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