Sayonara: T-Mobile pushes the killswitch update for the Galaxy Note 7


In the beginning of December, Samsung announced it would be releasing a final update to owners of the Galaxy Note 7 which would completely disable the device. The update prevents the Note 7 from being able to charge at all, compared to being able to charge to 60% as the devices are limited to now.

T-Mobile is the first carrier to push this update to the Galaxy Note 7 and will begin issuing the update, today. The update does nothing more but limit the charging capabilities, but before then, the device will send you on-screen prompts about what steps you can take to get the device replaced.

It’s no secret that Samsung is definitely ready to put the Note 7 to bed, and even though 93% of owners have already replaced the would-be 2016 phone of the year, there are still some that are holding onto the device. T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have already announced their plans to release the update, but it seems Verizon is still holding fast on preventing the update from being released.

We’re still waiting for Samsung to release its findings after the company completed an internal investigation as to what caused the problems with the Note 7. However, it may be for the best if we don’t find out, as Samsung is looking to push past this debacle and is going all-in with the Galaxy S8.



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