Nintendo confirms its plans to launch 2 or 3 mobile games in 2017


Super Mario Run seems to be a huge hit on iOS with the game already being downloaded 50 million times, and we all know how popular Pokemon GO has become over the last few months. Due to the increasing popularity of classic games coming to mobile platforms, Nintendo has confirmed it will release at least 2 new games in 2017.

Nintendo’s President, Tatsumi Kimishima, has stated that the company is looking to the mobile platform for more stability, as well as a way to build the interest surrounding its next console, the Nintendo Switch. Two of the titles already expected to be released next year are Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, but there is still a possibility we see a third title released in 2017.

Kimishima also suggested that Nintendo is expecting Super Mario Run to cross the 100 million download threshold. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that the game has yet to become available for Android users, which arguably has a larger user base than iOS.

Are there any specific games you would like to see released by Nintendo in 2017, aside from Super Mario Run? Let us know in the comments.

[Pocket Gamer]


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