Google Home may win the Holiday 2016 battle with Amazon’s Echo


We knew there was going to be a battle between Google Home and the Amazon Echo as the two company’s looked to take control of your home automation needs. However, Google may end up pulling ahead after it was reported that all of the Amazon Echo devices are sold out and won’t be available until after Christmas.

Many who weren’t looking to break the bank were turning to the Amazon Echo Dot as it is only priced at $50 and gets you the best of what Amazon’s Alexa has to offer. Unfortunately, with the Echo and Echo Dot both being sold out, those looking to do last minute Christmas shopping may turn to the reasonably-priced Google Home.

There is still a chance that the Amazon Echo performs well throughout the last week leading up to Christmas due to its availability at various retailers including Best Buy, Staples, and Sears. But if the device is sold out at those locations, potential buyers are going to be turning elsewhere and that’s where Google Home comes into play.

Google Home is also available at many retailers but is still available for purchase from Google’s online store. Shipping estimates show that you can still get the new device just in time for Christmas if you splurge for the Expedited Shipping option.



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