Dec 16th, 2016

Vine loops update

Back in October, Twitter made the unfortunate announcement that it would be shutting down Vine, a service that lets you create six-second looping videos. As you can imagine, the Vine community and internet at large was disheartened to hear the service would be closed, which prompted Twitter to find a new way to preserve the project.

In a new post on Medium today, the Vine team shared more about what’s happening with Vine in the future. In January, the team will transition Vine from an online service to a standalone app for creating Vines. The new app will be called Vine Camera and you’ll still be able to make six-second looping videos to post to Twitter, but there will no longer be a place called Vine to store these videos.

Vine says you will be able to download all of your current Vines through the website or the app and they’ll continue to live on at the address for now.

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