SwiftKey adds a powerful Clipboard, text shortcuts, and free themes



Your favorite keyboard app keeps getting better. The latest update to SwiftKey adds a number of new features to make your life easier. The most notable is a new Clipboard that allows you to save often used phrases for easy access. Never type out your full home address or phone number again. You can assign shortcuts to the Clipboard phrases so they are easy to bring up.

The update also adds an “Incognito mode.” This allows you to type without the app learning words or phrases. This could be handy if you want to go on an obscenity-ridden Tweet storm or you’re Googling some questionable content. Incognito mode can be enabled or disabled from the slide-out menu. Last, but not least, SwiftKey has made all of their themes free to download. Now you have no excuse to not personalize the look of your keyboard.

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