A new report shows that Google WiFi performs up to 75% faster than its competition


At the Pixel event, Google announced a new Wi-Fi router by the name of Google WiFi. This new router replaces the previous OnHub and does so by providing different access points, versus just having one router to try to reach your entire home.

To demonstrate how this new setup will be beneficial to users, Google has published results of a test performed against the other similar products, the Eero and Luma home Wi-Fi systems. The company connected units across two different floors in 4 different rooms within a 3,000 square foot location.

The above floor plan shows that Google WiFi performs up to 75% faster than the Eero in certain locations, while more than twice as fast as the Luma. On the second floor, the Google WiFi performed more than 23Mbps faster than the Luma and 185Mbps faster than the Eero.

Google WiFi is now available for pre-order for $129 for one unit, or $299 for a 3-pack which will cover up to 4,500 square feet. It’s expected to begin shipping starting on December 5th and will be arriving shortly thereafter.

[Google Blog]


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