GoPro giving Karma owners free HERO5 Black as recall makegood


GoPro was supposed to light the tech world ablaze with the Karma, their first drone, and while they didn’t exactly go full Samsung with that promise, they did have to recall the device because of the battery. This time around it’s due to potential “loss of power” while operating the drone, which is arguably just as dangerous as your smartphone exploding.

Brand new device. Brand new product category. Things happen and early adopters take the brunt of it. But GoPro is making every effort to right their wrong by hooking Karma owners who send in the recalled drone with a substantial gift: the GoPro HERO5 Black:

Dear customer,

You may have received an email from us last week announcing the recall of Karma.

As part of our refund and recall program, we are offering you a complimentary HERO5 Black upon return of your Karma with all accompanying parts and accessories. The camera will begin shipping mid-December. To initiate your reimbursement process and get your FREE HERO5 Black, please call 1-866-886-3001 or visit GoPro, as always, is committed to providing you with the best customer experiences.

Team GoPro

That’s a pretty generous gesture considering the action camera retails at $400.

Did you buy the GoPro Karma? If you weren’t planning on sending the device back before, I can imagine you will now. More importantly, were any potential Karma buyers scared away by the recall and now passing on the drone completely, perhaps taking their money to the likes of DJI and their ultra portable Mavic Pro?

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