Nov 18th, 2016

AT&T is hooking up with Amazon to launch a new Alexa skill. The skill is “AT&T Send Message,” and it allows you to use your voice to dictate a message and it to up to 10 of your friends.

The functionality will be available on all updated Alexa devices, including the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and more. The test message will show up on your friend’s end from your phone number like any old text message would, so there’s no funny business on their end (only, we guess you’d want to speak super clearly to avoid any embarrassing typos).

With that, AT&T is now selling Amazon Alexa devices in their stores. You can get the Echo for $179, or go for the more low-key Echo Dot for just $49. You can also grab them at Amazon if you prefer.

Amazon Echo video

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[via AT&T]

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