Samsung will be releasing a parental control app for Galaxy device owners


When it comes to smartphones and the internet in general, there is a lot of content which is not suitable for children. Unfortunately, attempting to keep this information away from the eyes of children is becoming increasingly more difficult. Samsung is looking to combat this by releasing a new application called “Family Care”. 


The Family Care application will not only give parental control over which apps can be installed or how long a device can be used, but also notifications and reminders. There will even be a way to sync the parent’s phone with the child’s phone via QR codes and the child will then be able to send a “pick up” request. Once the request has been sent to the parent, the location will be sent, as well as

Once the request has been sent to the parent, the location will be sent, as well as a time frame. In terms of the aforementioned reminders, the parents can set a task list in the main screen of the application to ensure that everything is completed, and the parent will be able to view the list.

It’s not yet known when Samsung will be releasing this new application. However, it seems there are some indications that it Samsung is pushing to release the new app alongside the Galaxy S8, which is slated for release in February.



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