Nov 10th, 2016

Nexus 6P Night Mode Android 7.0 Nougat DSC00664

One of the best features in the Android Nougat developer preview was Night Mode, which removed the blue light from the display that fools your body into thinking its still daylight outside. Night mode filters like Twilight, CF Lumen, and Flux have been around for years to help with this, but it was nice to have as a default system-level toggle.

That feature may be returning to Nexus devices, but there’s no telling when. Shortly after the removal of night mode from the final release of Nougat, a thread with the name “Bring back Night Mode” appeared on Google’s Issue Tracker. It was first reported as an issue on October 20th, but now it’s been marked as a Future Release issue to be addressed. However, there’s no indication as to when that might be.

Samsung has already taken it upon themselves to bring the blue light filter found in the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S7, as we reported earlier today. While the night mode toggle might be unavailable for Nexus owners by default, you can still enable night mode with the help of an app on the Google Play Store.

Google Pixel owners can enjoy this already thanks to Night Mode appearing in Android 7.1, so perhaps Google will roll that feature out to Nexus owners once the final version of Android 7.1 releases.

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