Google trials more tweaks in the Google Now app


Google is still torn on what they want their UI to be like for Googe Now. The company’s focus is on discoverability lately, with a new batch of icons sitting on top of your typical Google Now cards to help you find more specific things within Google.

In the earliest reports of the new UI showing up, Google was using a design which featured circle icons which all shared the same color. Well, it seems someone has a thing against circles as another UI is being tested that features icons with more original designs.


These changes are showing up in the beta versions of the app for some people, but as with the previous UI change, it seems to be server-side A/B testing that not everyone may see. For instance, yours truly still doesn’t see any icons in Google Now’s home page. If you’re fortunate enough, though, then let us know and tell us how you like it.

[via Android Police]

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