Nov 2nd, 2016

Nextbit Robin IMG_7060

The Nextbit Robin is a unique cloud phone that’s been available for a while now and while it’s not without its flaws, it is probably the most unique phone you can own right now. Nextbit kicked up a lot of fuss about the Robin as a way to eliminate storage problems forever by smartly putting photos, files, and apps in the cloud. The project gained more than $1 million on Kickstarter before it finished and while a CDMA version of the phone was promised, it never materialized.

The Nextbit Robin launched in 2015 for $400 featuring a Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage complemented by 100GB of cloud storage. The 5.2″ Full HD device also featured a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie shooter, rounded out by a 2,680mAh battery.

Amazon has offered the phone up for $199 a few times now, but the current $169.99 price is the lowest we’ve ever seen it. You can snag either the Midnight or the Mint colors of the phone for that price. Unfortunately, the Ember color isn’t included so if bright red is your thing you’re out of luck on that one.

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