Oct 31st, 2016

Some Nexus 6P owners are experiencing strange battery issues with their devices on Nougat, as evidenced by the YouTube video above. The video was first posted to the r/Android subreddit where it gained attention as other Nexus 6P owners began commenting and confirming that they had experienced the weirdness, too.

In the video, the YouTuber explains the phone he’s obtained is an RMA and it’s on Nougat. There’s no beta version installed and he’s factory reset the phone since obtaining it. Despite that, after taking a few pictures with the device the display shuts off and the only way he’s able to get the phone to respond is to plug it in and wait for the battery icon to appear. Then the phone appears to respond to his power button presses.

When the video went live in the subreddit, several people responded showcasing they’re having the same issue as well. Some people are reporting that factory resets have worked in resolving the issue, while others say it came back after a factory reset. One thread suggests flashing 7.1.1 to your phone instead of trying a factory reset if the issue doesn’t clear up.

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