Oct 21st, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:10 pm

The Google Pixel hasn’t even been available for a full day, but new reports are coming in of microphone issues that may be plaguing the phone. Users at Reddit are gathering details about an issue that may be affecting multiple people.


The phones’ microphones are supposedly failing to work in some cases. Preliminary tests show that the microphone does work in some capacity, but for some reason may become inoperable immediately or after some time.

There’s no indication whether this is a hardware or software issue. The current thinking is that it’s the former as there are a few tricks folks have been able to use to get the microphone to work on a consistent basis, including enabling and disabling the speakerphone during a call. One user says his microphone persisted to work after doing this.

We’re not sure if that trick will apply to everyone, but if you’re having issues it may be worth a shot until we can figure this out. It seems Google will hook you up with a replacement device if you’re having this issue, so if you feel you want to go that route then you can always hit up support straight from your phone. Let us know if any of you are experiencing the same.

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