RIP Galaxy Note? Samsung might revert to one flagship per year


Samsung has released 2 flagship smartphones per year (not counting the multiple Galaxy S variants) since 2011 when the first Galaxy Note was released, but that strategy could be put on retirement by Samsung. It’s being reported that the company is looking into plans to reduce their flagship portfolio to one per year.

Naturally, this could mean that the Galaxy Note lineup is on the chopping block. The original report suggests the strategy is purely about ensuring product quality. Whether that and a need to drop the marketing liability known as the Galaxy Note 7 are one in the same remains to be seen.

Without any hard evidence or confirmation on Samsung’s part, it’s tough to say what, exactly, this will mean for Samsung. Are we still getting multiple Galaxy S variants each year or will there just be a one-size-fits-all model? Will the Samsung Galaxy S line adopt the S-Pen and become the one flagship to rule them all? Can Samsung really let the Note die?

None of those questions can be answered with certainty this early on, but we imagine they won’t let their aggressive investments into Wacom and their S-Pen technology go to absolute waste due to recent failures. Samsung has a decent amount of time to figure it out, though, so we’re leaving every possibility wide open.

[via Korea Herald]

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