Cyanogen reveals its future “Modular OS” plans along with a shake up of executives


There were early reports that Cyanogen Inc. was making some vital changes as it plans to shuffle its focus for the future. These changes were spurred after it was discovered that former CEO, Kirk McMasters, had been removed from his previous role and inserted into a new “Executive Chairman” position. Shortly thereafter Lior Tal, the new CEO, published a blog post which details the new changes and the company’s approach for the future.


Along with Lior Tal becoming the new CEO of Cyanogen Inc., Kirt McMaster will become the new Executive Chairman, while Steve Kondik will become the new “Chief Science Officer”. For McMaster and Kondik, it’s not yet known what sort of roles they will play in future decisions, but Lior sees a promotion to CEO after being named the Chief Operating Officer in June of this year.

As for what the company’s focus will be on now is in regards to its mobile operating system and its new “Cyanogen Modular OS” program. This program will allow for manufacturers and developers to cherry pick and integrate different features into their software without running into many issues.

The new partnership program offers smartphone manufacturers greater freedom and opportunity to introduce intelligent, customizable Android smartphones using different parts of the Cyanogen OS via dynamic modules and MODs, with the ROM of their choice, whether stock Android or their own variant.

The other reason for the introduction of this new program is to help ensure that various devices are kept up to date, especially the lower end models which tend to be abandoned fairly quickly. However, it’s not exactly explained how or when Cyanogen’s Modular OS will be integrated, nor whether there will be much of a change going forward.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but here’s to hoping that Lior can keep Cyanogen afloat while it fixes the bugs. With CyanogenMod being one of the most popular third-party ROM’s, this move could have serious implications in the future for those in the rooting community.



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