Samsung’s Galaxy S8 could have, 4K resolution, 30MP camera, a mini projector, and other unbelievable specs

It’s a bit earlier to take any rumor about the impending Samsung Galaxy S8 without a huge dosing of salt, but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it. The latest rumor comes from Weibo, with the leakster giving us some early specs and features to salivate over.

As you might expect from an upcoming Samsung flagship, the specs sound pretty damn appealing, if not borderline unbelievable in some areas. We’re hearing a Snapdragon 830 is in order, and that’s not too surprising, but hearing that it may be coupled with 6GB of RAM really gets us happy. And with Samsung experimenting with 6GB of RAM inside their lesser phones right now we’d say there’s a good chance the Galaxy S8 will get the same benefit.

Now here’s where things get start getting a little crazy:

So, basically, Samsung is prepping the best phone ever. Of course, that’s only if the specs are real. We’ve been in this game long enough to know that the earliest rumors are hard to trust.

Some of this stuff may pan out. Some may not. That iris scanner that never made it into the 5 Galaxy phones it’s been rumored for did eventually end up making it into the Note 7, though, so never say never. And with all the bad stuff Samsung has gone through lately, they could use a juggernaut of a phone to help restore their image. Thoughts? Let’s hear them below.

[via Tech Radar]