Samsung says issues with new Note 7 devices in South Korea are “isolated incidents”


Earlier today, Samsung announced the Galaxy note 7 recall in the US is nearly half over, as more than 500,000 devices have been returned of the 1 million sold in the region. However, it seems as though some unlucky users in South Korea are having trouble with their replacements. No, they’re not exploding randomly, but the issue is still battery related.

According to a new report from Korean media, some replaced Galaxy Note 7 units are experiencing a problem where the device refuses to charge past just 10%. Other issues reported include severe battery drain that can’t be explained through normal use. In fact, some users are reporting the drain happens even when the device is plugged in and attempting to charge.

Samsung has released a statement in South Korea saying that these incidents are “isolated” and that they’re completely unrelated to the batteries in the new devices. While that may be reassuring for some, it’s worrying to hear that replacement devices are malfunctioning for entirely different reasons, now.

Does this impact your desire to get a Galaxy Note 7 at all?

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