Sep 21st, 2016


We’ve seen plenty of renders of the leaked Pixel devices. We’ve even gotten an unintentional preview from Nest, a Google-owned company. Now Google is doing a bit of teasing themselves, as spotted by a redditor in New York City. The huge advertisement was placed in the Brooklyn Bridge State Park and features the outline of a phone, a white g, and the date October 4th.


In another shot taken of the giant advertisement, you can see the hashtag #MadeByGoogle in the bottom left. What’s interesting to me is that the advertisement doesn’t contain any reference to the Pixel or the Pixel XL, leaving us to wonder if Google will indeed be debuting phones that are outside of its normal Nexus line-up.

The rumor mill surrounding this announcement has been pretty fierce, with the latest rumors suggesting that the Pixel will be a Verizon-carrier exclusive and could retail for as much as $650, putting it firmly in iPhone competitor territory. Will it also have a removed headphone jack? We’ll have to wait until October 4th to find out.

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