LG V20 sales start in Korea next week ahead of big smartphone battles in October


Just yesterday, we heard that LG is looking to launch the LG V20 on October 21st, but the company has plans to give their fellow South Koreans a shot to buy the device well before then. According to The Korea Times, LG will launch the LG V20 in the country on September 29th for a price equivalent to $804.

It’s commonplace to see LG offering products in their country before commencing with a more global rollout, so the expectation that the US and other parts of the world will get the phone on October 21st remains alive. Still, for their part, LG was only able to confirm that the US, Hong Kong, and other markets will get the phone “soon after” the Korean launch.

As we’ve noted before, an October 21st launch date in the US would land squarely in the same calendar space as the return of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a device which had to go on a sales hiatus due to a global recall. Not only will LG have to compete with its reemergence, but they’ll also have to battle Apple who has already gotten the marketing train rolling on their now-available iPhone 7 series, too.

And that’s not to mention that Google has not 1, but 2 new Pixel devices coming that month, as well. Needless to say, October is going to be a really interesting month and your dollars are going to be pulled a lot of different ways. Which way are you going to go?

Quentyn Kennemer
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