Sep 9th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:00 pm

Samsung’s Dong-jin Koh has already revealed that the company may only use its curved displays for next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8, but a new report out of Korea claims that the decision has been finalized. According to the source, Samsung Mobile is already working with Samsung Display to secure 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch curved display for the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has sold better than the standard S7. Samsung is hoping that it would be able to maximize profits on next year’s flagship model by adding the curved display to both phones sizes. Without the Edge display to differentiate the two versions of the Galaxy S8, Samsung will likely tweak the naming convention of the phones to call out their differences in size.

Based on previous rumors, we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature 4K display and a dual-camera component with a 12MP and 13MP camera sensor. Since every manufacturer uses their dual-camera setups in different ways, it’s unclear which approach Samsung will opt for.

Since we have at least five months before the Samsung Galaxy S8 is unveiled, don’t be surprised if we see a few rumor adjustments from time to time. What’s the one feature that you hope does make the cut for Samsung’s 2017 flagship smartphone?

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