Samsung introduces its newest flip smartphone, the Galaxy Folder 2


Samsung continues to manufacture devices while making sure it hits every single one of the markets it possibly can. Today, the company unveiled the much leaked Galaxy Folder 2. The device is the successor to the Galaxy Folder and is a flip smartphone running Android Marshmallow. It has also been subjected to a myriad of leaks from official images to spec leaks but has been made official.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Specs:

  • 3.8-inch TFT WVGA display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage expandable via MicroSD (128GB)
  • 5MP front-facing camera
  • 8MP rear-facing camera
  • 1950mAh battery
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

It’s not likely we’ll see this device outside of China, but Samsung has yet to confirm those details yet, nor have they announced pricing for the Galaxy Folder 2 just yet. Let us know whether you would be interested in something like this and would select the Galaxy Folder 2 over any of the current lineup of smartphones.



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