What can DJI’s $300 selfie stick do?


You read that right: DJI made a selfie stick, and it’ll cost $300. Well, let’s back up a minute — it’s not being marketed as a selfie stick despite looking an awful lot like one.

dji osmo mobile

This is the DJI Osmo Mobile, a handheld camera stabilization device that is designed for smartphone photography or videography. The device’s hallmark feature is something called Active Track which allows you to specify a subject for the camera to stay focused on.

For typical usage scenarios with the phone’s rear camera, this allows you to use smooth pans and other camera movements without having to sweat over the subject being lost during key moments. If it’s the selfie you’re using it for, well, it ensures your face stays in the frame while you’re enjoying whatever moment it is you want your Facebook friends to virtually experience with you. All of it can be live streamed to YouTube or Weibo, too.

Of course, all of that and its $300 price tag is a bit much for folks looking for something cool to put on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or what have you. As such, DJI is aiming this at hobbyists, bloggers, and journalists who might need this thing for events or shooting cool footage without having to shell out hundreds or thousands more for loftier needs. The device is up for pre-sale today, with shipping expectations to fall within the next few weeks.

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