This photo of the LG V20 in the wild lines up with previous leaks


LG V20 leak in the wild

Yesterday we got a full frontal view of what is likely the LG V20 thanks to a leaked render from @evleaks. As we mentioned in that post, we had a feeling we’d be seeing a lot more of the device leading up to its Sept 6th unveiling and wouldn’t you know it… we were right.

In a reply to Mr. Blass’ tweet, someone posted what they claim is the LG V20 in the wild. The phone looks identical to leaked renders we’ve been seeing around the net, so there’s a good chance this is legit. Of course, where the photo was taken or how the person managed to obtain the phone is still a mystery, but if you were hoping against hope that the phone would look different when it finally launched — don’t.

The LG V20 is set to launch and although it doesn’t have the stylus / handwriting capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, looks to be LG’s big bet for 2016. Thankfully, current rumors suggest we wont be seeing any sort of modules for the LG V20. Like last year’s V10, the V20 will be a purely large and high-end handset without all the fluff.

We’re still pretty hyped about the phone and can expect to see further details about the phone leak out leading up to LG’s Sept 6th event.


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