Top Android stories of the week (August 12th)


The amount of Android news each week can be overwhelming, but you can follow the best of the best with an app called EarlyBird – News for Android. It includes ALL of the Android news you crave and lets users decide what matters most to them.

Last week, EarlyBird received a BIG UPDATE. You can now subscribe to topics so you never miss stories about your favorite things! Download the app on the Google Play Store or, for desktop users, find related discussion in the Android Forums News section.

Here’s what you picked as your favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 audio codec

43 likes – In an effort to bring users a better sound experience, Samsung seems to have taken a play from HTC’s playbook in regards to the Galaxy Note 7. The latest device from Samsung uses the same audio codec provided by Qualcomm that is found within the HTC 10.

#9 – Google Photos ad

45 likes – Google’s latest ad takes a shot at Apple and its 16GB devices. The ad shows various action shots and pictures not being able to be taken due to running out of storage and promotes the use of Google Photos. Google Photos provides unlimited backup for free which is accessible via the cloud from numerous devices.

#8 – Sony Xperia XA Ultra Amazon

45 likes – If you’ve been looking to get on the Sony HYPE train, then Amazon had you covered. Sony lovers could get the Sony Xperia XA Ultra on Amazon for under $300, which was $50 off the regular sale price.

#7 – Android Nougat expectations

46 likes – When it comes to keeping track of whether your device will receive the latest update to Android Nougat, things can get a bit hairy. Luckily Android Central compiled a quick breakdown of which devices from which manufacturers would be receiving the update.

#6 – Samsung default apps

51 likes – Previously, Samsung’s TouchWiz software did not include an option to use an app “Just Once”, instead making whichever app was used as the default. It seems that a recent update to TouchWiz has fixed this issue, making it possible and easier to switch the defaults for apps, or just use an app once.

#5 – Android Pay Nearby

52 likes – Google is busy updating much of its software as it prepares for the release of Android Nougat and Android Pay is included. Users have started seeing a Nearby tab within the Android Pay application which displays which locations around you support Android Pay.

#4 – Google Now Interests

62 likes – In an effort to make Google Now even more useful, a recent update has allowed users to add specific topics that will appear within your Google Now card lineup.

#3 – Spotify Chromecast Deal

64 likes – If you’ve been on the fence about trying out Spotify or Google Play Music with your Chromecast, then Google has you covered. Currently, if you’re a new user to either music streaming platform you will get free trials with Spotify offering 2 months and Google Play Music offering a 3 month free trial.

#2 – Quadrooter flaw

64 likes – The next “big” flaw in Android has been found and affects many devices which use Qualcomm processors. “Quadrooter” is an exploit that allows an app to gain root access on the device, giving the app full control over the device and all the information that is stored within it. Three out of the four major fixes have already been released, with the final fix coming in the September Android security update patch.

#1 – EarlyBird update

77 likes – The best way to keep track of your breaking Android news has received a major update. EarlyBird News for Android now has notifications based on specific tags which will allow you to keep up to date on everything that is happening in the world of Android, Google, Samsung and more. The update is free and is available on the Play Store today.

What’s YOUR top news item for the week?

Disagree with the Top 10? Let us know in the comments and vote for yourself everyday by downloading EarlyBird on Google Play!


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