Instagram is testing new ‘Save Draft’ feature, something they should have had from the start


We just saw Instagram introduce a huge new feature with “Stories,” their unabashed ripoff of rival Snapchat’s feature of the same name. Never one to rest, the photo sharing social network is testing a new feature, although admittedly, not as big as Stories was. Basically, the feature allows users to save a draft when editing a gram, giving them the ability to return to it when they have a free minute, or compile a handful of grams to send out at a later time.

Normally, you’d have only the option to discard your edits, with a little warning popup reminding you that if you go back, you’ll lose all those countless hours you spent on tweaking your photo. Okay, so it’s probably not something many of you will worry about, but hardcore Instagram addicts will love it. In fact, many of them are already voicing their elation on Twitter (the few lucky enough test the new feature).

Of course, like any new feature in testing, there’s never a guarantee it will rollout to all users, but something as painfully obvious as saving a draft is really something Instagram should have launched with. This should also come in handy for celebrities or bigger name profiles who have traditionally had to edit together a sponsored post on the fly (sometimes with hilarious results).


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