Jul 28th, 2016

There’s no denying that Prisma is one of the hottest apps of the summer, but the apps success has caused a strain on the developer’s servers. If you’ve used the app within the past few days, you’ve likely seen the “Prisma is over capacity” error after waiting 30-45 seconds for the app to apply one of its gorgeous artistic styles to your photos. To find out when the Prisma’s capacity issues will be resolved, we contacted them directly with a handful of questions.

Phandroid: Many users are complaining about the slow processing time and timeout errors. When does Prisma hope to resolve these issues?
Prisma: In a couple of days.

Phandroid: We’re received a lot of comments from users wondering why the processing cannot be done on their phones. Can you elaborate a little on how the images are processed and why you opted for server-side processing rather than on-device processing?
Prisma: You need lots of GPU power, smartphones aren’t capable of that yet.

Phandroid: Are there any plans to add basic photo editing features into Prisma?
Prisma: Neither yes nor no.

Phandroid: Are there plans to allow full images (not 1:1 crop) in Prisma?
Prisma: Yes, in the future.

While we would have liked a specific date, Prisma users should be delighted to hear that the timeout errors will be resolved within the next few days. We were not given any timeframe for when Prisma will allow users to use full images rather than a 1:1 crop, but it’s nice to know that the feature is already on their development map.

What changes do you think Prisma should incorporate with future updates?

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