Mobvoi’s TicWatch 2 exceeds Kickstarter goal within 10 minutes


Mobvoi today announced the TicWatch 2. The original version of this watch drew attention due to its unique features and AI-driven OS. One of the most interesting things was the implementation of a “tickle strip” that allowed you to navigate the UI by moving your finger alongside the edges of the watch instead of having to use the display (although the touch display is still hanging around).


The circular OLED device allows for voice control using the “OK, tico” command to help you send messages, call someone, or look up information about businesses. It also has the strength of being compatible with Android Wear apps, though you won’t be able to get them from the Google Play Store — you’ll have to hope your favorite apps appear in the Ticwear App Store.

The TicWatch 2 is compatible with all Android phones with 4.3 or higher, as well as with iOS 8.0 or higher devices. Here’s a full list of features you’ll be treated to for buying one:

  • Advanced Ticwear 4.0: Ticwatch is run on proprietary Android based Ticwear 4.0. It is compatible both with Android and iOS phones.

  • Voice Activation: Using natural language, you can ask Ticwatch for the weather, restaurants nearby, jokes, etc. You can also set reminders, check your calendar, and even call an Uber to pick you up. When your hands are full, such as when you are driving, the accurate voice recognition allows you to smoothly reply to messages without taking out your phone.

  • Gesture Control: Combining accelerometers in the Ticwatch as well as precise algorithms, you can use single hand gestures to activate key Ticwatch features. Keeping your eyes on the road when driving you can flip your wrist twice to pick up or hang up phone call. In sport mode, when you don’t have time to stop, you can double knock Ticwatch 2 to change songs on the go.

  • Tickle: Tickle is Mobvoi’s unique patented side strip especially designed for the small screen of smart watches. Now invisibly integrated into the design, the Tickle strip allows you to scroll, select, and zoom without covering the screen or leaving fingerprints.

  • Touch: Cubic UI allows users to swipe in each of the four directions or long press the main screen of Mobvoi’s OS Ticwear  to access different content, curating a seamlessly intuitive user experience.

  • Notification hub: As a notification hub on your wrist Ticwatch allows you to quickly view and address incoming messages in situations where you don’t have access to your phone. Users can also respond to messages, phone calls, and schedule reminders through personalized quick reply messages, voice reply, and calendar syncing.

  • Sports & Fitness Function: Ticwatch includes health tracking, made possible with the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, which tracks key data and your route. Users can listen to offline music on the watch, and change songs via gesture control.

  • Classic Design: Ticwatch 2 featuring the world’s highest screen to body ratio. With absolute round display, Ticwatch 2 fully use each inch of the screen.

  • Four Models: Ticwatch 2 will launch four design options, from sporty black and white silicon to elegant high quality leather and stainless steel with countless watch faces to choose from.

  • Select Hardware: Ticwatch comes with a built in speaker, microphone, linear vibrating motor to ifferentiate notifications and a dynamic optical heart rate sensor that enables accurate data tracking. Ticwatch 2 also comes with a magnetic wireless charging dock.

All of that is coming at you starting at $199, though you can get it $50 to $100 cheaper (depending on model) if you’re early enough to get in on the Kickstarter early bird pledges. Even more good news is that the watch has already gotten double its original funding goal, and it hasn’t even been up for an hour. That should give you enough confidence to pledge your dollars in anticipation of its October arrival.

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