Samsung acknowledged and fixed the Galaxy S7 Active’s failure to resist water


Shortly after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, Consumer Reports held water immersion tests to see if the device could hold up to its claims of being IP68 dust and water resistant. Unfortunately, not one, but two devices failed the test, and it raised a big alarm as to the validity of Samsung’s claim that the device could be doused in water for a short time.

Earlier suspicions were that Samsung had some sort of glitch in the manufacturing process that resulted in some defective devices. After all, both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge passed similar tests.

Thankfully those suspicions were validated, with Samsung having come out to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active did, in fact, suffer a manufacturing glitch which caused some devices to be insufficiently resistant to water. Samsung says the amount of devices that were returned due to claims of water damage were “tiny” in relation to the amount they shipped.

In any case, the company said that they fixed the issue about a week after the first reports spawned, and any phones manufactured since then — all of which are put together in their Asian plants — should be totally fine. Those who suffered water damage are encouraged to contact Samsung for a replacement under warranty, so be sure to do that if you were the unfortunate victim of this mistake.

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