Here’s the Galaxy Note 7 in hot Black Onyx



At this point, we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in just about every possible fashion. There have been leaked blurry-cam photos, crystal clear renders, and even case leaks. One thing we haven’t seen much of is clear real-life photos. The latest leak gives us our clearest look at the Note 7 in it’s sexiest color.

The photo above shows the Note 7 in Black Onyx. This is the color that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and we loved it). The Note 7 will also be available in “Silver Titanium” and “Blue Coral,” but let’s be real, Black Onyx is the star of the show. The black Note 7 is even more blacked-out than the Galaxy S7. The metal frame has been painted black as well, unlike the Galaxy S7, which still had a silver metal frame.

We’ll learn more about the Note 7 on August 2nd. How are you feeling about this device? Will you be picking one up? If so, will you opt for the Black Onyx model?

[Sammobile via Techdroider]

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