Jun 7th, 2016

Did you know that Google lets you see the total amount of Android apps you have installed since the creation of your Google account? Well, they do. Head right here and scroll down to the Google Play section.

google android apps

I was shocked to learn that I’ve installed nearly 1,500 Android apps, however I’m not even sure if that number is on the excessive side. I have been an Android user since the granddaddy of them all (I bought the T-Mobile G1 on launch day, which was nearly 8 years ago) and I write for the first ever Android site, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised.

With that, we’re curious: how many Android apps have you installed over the years? And how long have you been using Android? Be sure to check your number out right here (you’ll have to sign into your Google account) and feel free to chime in below!

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