Huawei might have confirmed that they’re making another Nexus phone this year


The Nexus 6P has turned out to be one of the best Nexus devices ever, and rumors say a repeat performance is on the way. But we may not need rumors to know that at this point.

GearBurn reports that Huawei confirmed that they’re doing another Nexus device this year at an event where they launched the Huawei P9 family in South Africa. While the rep they spoke with didn’t have any other details in that regard, it’s likely to be the same 2016 Nexus 6P refresh we’ve heard about on multiple occasions.

Interestingly enough, the rep mentioned that they were “doing the Nexus again this year.” We’re probably reading too much into the wording, but the statement made it sound as if Huawei will only have the only Nexus smartphone on the market this year (which would be a big disappointment for those who are wishing for the first HTC-made Nexus since the Nexus One).

In other news, Huawei was also happy to confirm to the Wall Street Journal that they will have a Daydream-certified phone coming later this year. It’s possible this could be the refreshed Nexus 6P that we were talking about or an entirely new phone altogether. Only time will tell, but for now it sounds like Huawei will be making quite a bit of noise in more ways than one this year.

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