New Samsung patent may give insight into the Galaxy X’s design


A new Samsung patent has surfaced which may shed some light on what the Samsung Galaxy X will look like. Expected in 2017, the Galaxy X is said to feature a flexible 4K AMOLED display which would allow the phone to fold in half. The latest Samsung patent shows just that. While we’ve seen other flexible display patents from Samsung in the past, this latest one shows a device with a similar design as the Samsung Galaxy S7 which folds in half – right through the middle of the display. When folded, a hidden charging port on the back of the phone is revealed, allowing the phone to be placed into a charging cradle. 


While it’s nice having a hidden charging port on the back side of the phone, we’re hoping that the design would also include a standard charging port on the bottom edge so that the phone can actually be used while charging. There’s no evidence to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy X will adopt this specific design, but it looks like Samsung is looking to patent as many flexible display designs as possible before LG and other manufacturers do.

Do you think the foldable-display smartphone will be the must-have device in the next year or two?

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