Samsung S Health update lets you compete with friends to hit your activity goals


An update to Samsung’s S Health app is bringing the ability to compare your step counts with friends. By introducing a little friendly competition, Samsung is probably hoping this will motivate you a little more to get your ass up off the couch once you see how much better Jenny is doing with her step goal. There’s also a handful of other new features too which include the following:

Samsung S Health

  • Compare step count with friends
  • A new All Steps stat that combines steps on your device, synced devices, and apps
  • A gesture to measure your heart rate
  • The ability to export your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose data as HTML, XML, XLS and PDF
  • Sync blood glucose data from the CareSens N
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Anything a health app or service can do to get you to increase your physical activity is a good thing (especially when you’re sitting at your desk all day) and accountability is a great way to motivate some folks. If you already have a Samsung device just update the app to the latest version and for everyone else, you can find S Health — available for most Android devices — via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: S Health

[via SamMobile]

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