May 27th, 2016

The amazing folks at the University of Michigan have created a way to give Apple-like 3D Touch to any phone. They call it “ForcePhone.” 3D Touch is what allows the iPhone to perform different tasks when you press on the screen harder than normal. Surprisingly, it uses your phone’s microphone and speaker to accomplish this task.

How does it work? ForcePhone causes your phone to emit an 18Hz buzz (undetectable by the human ear). When you press your finger against the screen the pitch changes, which is detected by the microphone. The harder you press the more the pitch changes.

All of this is done with just software, which is very impressive. Most people would think Force Touch needs to be built into the display. Investors of the ForcePhone technology will perform a demo in late June. Could we see this type of technology make its way to 3D Touch in Android?

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